Wreath with baby

Instructions for making a wreath with a baby:

Materials: tile, roller, cutter, white, light blue and red Cernit, lace, glue gun, white and blue ribbon, brown thread, aluminum foil.

Cut out hearts and parts for the baby according to the template.

Work with the Cernit on the tile, one which we will also bake the finished products in the oven at 130 C for 30 minutes. Warm the clay with your hands and roll out flat. Place the lace on the rolled out clay and roll again. Remove the lace, and you will be left with a beautiful pattern.

Cut pieces for the blanket according to template. Work a piece of red and white clay, until you achieve the desired shade of pink.

Crumple the aluminum foil into a ball for the head, and a cylinder shape for the body. Roll out the pink clay, and wrap it around the foil head. Place the finished head on the blanket as shown in the picture.

Place the top blanket piece on the body and press the edges. Cut off excess clay.

Roll two small balls from the white clay, flatten with your fingers, and place on the head as eyes. Roll a little strip from the red clay and place on the face as the mouth.

Roll a thin strip from the blue clay and tie into a bow.

Press the bow on the baby. Finish tiny black balls for the centers of the eyes and make a dent in the center of the mouth.

Roll out the red clay and cut two hearts according to the template. Place the hearts on each other as shown in the picture. Bake the finished products in the oven.

Create a wreath from birch twigs, gradually wrapping thread around it.

Glue the hearts, baby, and ribbon on the finished wreath. Glue a piece of lace on the baby’s head.