Wall pocket organizer

Instructions for making a children’s pocket organizer.

wall-pocket organiser-2
Material: cotton fabrics, thread, 2 buttons, hard cardboard, and sticks.

wall-pocket organiser-3
Cut out the pieces according to the pattern. Make small cuts with scissors in the places where the darts will be.

wall-pocket organiser-4
First sew together the middle multicolored pockets. Place them wrong sides together and sew with a 0.4cm seam allowance.

wall-pocket organiser-5
Turn the seam around, fold right sides together, and sew with a 0.5cm seam allowance.

wall-pocket organiser-6
Fold all pockets in the upper edge under twice and sew.

wall-pocket organiser-7
Place the pocket strips on the bottom piece of the pocket organizer.

wall-pocket organiser-8
Draw chalk lines 0.5 cm above the pocket placement.

wall-pocket organiser-9
Fold each dart.

wall-pocket organiser-10
First start sewing the bottom pockets.

wall-pocket organiser-11
Place the middle pocket on the fabric right sides together, pin, and sew.

wall-pocket organiser-12
Then flip the whole piece upward and sew.

wall-pocket organiser-13
Finally, sew the upper pockets in the same way.

wall-pocket organiser-14
Sew the pockets through the middle of the darts as shown in the picture, don’t forget to put a piece of cloth or interfacing on the wrong side.

wall-pocket organiser-15
Cut out 4x corners (10cm on the side). Fold as shown in the picture and sew. The corners will enable us to put cardboard on the back of the pocket organizer.

wall-pocket organiser-16
Pin on the wrong side of the pocket organizer.

wall-pocket organiser-17
Fold the side pieces under twice and sew.

wall-pocket organiser-18
Iron the strips for the top and bottom facing.

wall-pocket organiser-19
Place the smoothed strip right side to the wrong side of the pocket organizer and sew.

wall-pocket organiser-20
Fold on each end toward the organizer.

wall-pocket organiser-21
Fold the end on the previous seam and pin.

wall-pocket organiser-22
Sew the edges.

wall-pocket organiser-23
Fold the straps and sew.

wall-pocket organiser-24
Place the straps in the center above the pocket, with the tip facing up, pin, and sew with a 0.3cm seam allowance.

wall-pocket organiser-25
Sew the strap on.

wall-pocket organiser-26
Turn down and sew at the top. Sew on the button.

wall-pocket organiser-1
Cut out hard cardboard and insert in the corners. Place a stick on the top and bottom.