Shopping bag

Instructions for making a shopping bag, which we will finish by drawing on it:

Materials: fabric (LISEL with plastic on the surface – IKEA), thread, tailor chalk, scissors, pins, white paint marker – waterproof (PAINT MARKER).

First cut a 100x58cm rectangle for the bag, and a second 9x86cm rectangle for the handle. Take the white marker and draw simple pictures on the outer part of the bag; don’t draw on the very top, the bag will be folded there. If you don’t want to draw directly on the fabric, draw some designs on paper first.

Fold the big rectangle in half wrong sides together, sew a 0.4cm seam on the right side. Sew the two sides of the rectangle.

Next, turn the fabric inside out and sew again, with a larger seam than the first time, about 0.6cm. This type of seam is called a double stitch seam.

With this seam there is no need for an overcast seam, it is inside and does not fray.

Before we begin to sew the handle, fold the second rectangle in half and fold the inner edges inward.

Then fold inward together and sew the edges.

For the bag to stand nicely, we need to sew the lower corners of the bag. Match the side seam to the seam at the bottom and sew the bottom at 3cm on each side of the seams.

Turn the bag right side out and draw two lines 3cm from the edge with a tailor chalk. Fold the fabric along the lines and sew the edge.

Cut the sewn handle in half, mark the center of the bag, and pin the handles on each side from the center as shown in the picture. Sew the handles where the upper edge of the bag was sewn.

Turn the handles up and sew a square with a cross inside,so that the handles don’t tear off.