Polymer clay necklace

Instructions for making a polymer clay necklace:

Materials and tools: black, red and white Cernit, fishing line, red beads. Extruder gun and top with 3mm hole, cutting knife, skewers.

Insert small pieces of clay into the extruder alternating colors and softened and hard clay; this will help us achieve a cracked structure.

Push the clay through the extruder.

Wrap the clay strip 4x around a skewer and cut.

Bake the beads in the oven at 130°C.

Pull the beads off the skewer.

Measure the length of the necklace and cut the fishing line 2x the length of the necklace. Fold in half. First tie a knot in the double fishing line, then string a bead on one line and finish with a knot on the double fishing line, alternating the beads. Finish the necklace by connecting both ends with a knot.

Finished necklace.

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