Fabric tulip

Fabric tulip with a pocket for reminders. The size of the finished tulip is 24 cm:

Materials: leftover green and purple cotton fabric, 26x14cm piece of foam 1cm thick, paper template, thread and a skewer.

First cut a 7x12cm rectangle from the purple fabric for the pocket, fold the wider side twice and sew on the machine.

Mark the place hwere the stem ends on the foam according to the paper template, place a 14×11 piece of the purple fabric (cut 2x) 1 cm below the line, place the pocket in the center. Fold a 14×17 piece of green fabric (cut 2x) on top and lay exactly on the indicated line on the foam.

When laying the pattern, make sure that the tulip flower is exactly on the boundary of the transition of colors.

Pin the entire tulip pattern.

Turn it over and place the fabrics in the same way, without a pocket.

Sew the tulip around the pattern.

Cut the around tulip about 2mm from the seam. Turn the tulip over and cut any unevenness from the other side; it is hard to cut because of the foam. In order to make the tulip stand, we need to make two more leaves. Use the original leaves, cut 4x 12x9cm rectangles from the green fabric, and 2x rectangles of the same size from foam. Sew around and cut off 2mm from the seam. We can sew the leaves at the same time and them cut them apart.

Pin the finished leaves to the center and sew from both sides. For the tulip to stand, the lower leaves have to be exactly aligned. Level any unevenness with scissors.

Insert a skewer into the finished tulip and break off the protruding piece.