DIY Laptop bag tutorial

Instructions for making a laptop bag.

Material and tools: cotton fabric 150×50 for the outside of the bag, and another cotton fabric of the same size as lining. Preshrink the fabric before sewing (iron with steam iron or soak in warm water), 1cm thick foam, 4cm thick and 2m long strap, 2cm wide Velcro (wider is better), cotton thread, sling clips, chalk, scissors, pins, needle, stitching thread, iron, ruler, sewing machine.

According to the pattern, cut out the front and back of the bag, foam, and the lining pocket.

First fold and iron the top side of the pocket twice and sew on the machine. Always start and finish the sewing with a lock stitch (back stitch). Iron the remaining three sides.

Place the pocket on the lining 6cm from the top edge exactly in the middle, place a piece of folded fabric under the top edge of the pocket on the inside so the pocket doesn’t tear, pin and sew.

Sew a triangle on the top of the pocket.

Place the lining and the outer fabric right sides together with foam on the bottom and pin together. Sew the two shorter opposite sides on the machine, and cut the round edges and corners. Cut out the foam from the seam. (On the picture only the flap is stitched, not all the way to the corner; it would be good to sew the whole side with the corner, then the edge wouldn’t have to be folded). After the fabric is sew to the foam, select a longer stitch.

Turn right side out, pin, and according to pattern draw the bottom of the bag with chalk and sew on machine.

Pin Velcro to the lining flap, about 1.5cm from the edge. Fold the bag in the place of the bottom, put the laptop into the bag and fold the flap, so you can see where to sew the other side of the Velcro. Sew the flap and front part of the bag 1 cm from the edge, sew around the Velcro 2x.

Fold the bag, wrong sides together, so that the stitched bottom is together. Cut off the foam.

Cut off 40cm from the strap and seal the edges over a flame so the strap doesn’t fray. Sew the sling clip on the shorter end, and sew a double sling clip on the other end.

Connect the strap.

Pin the end of the strap to the bottom of the bag and sew the corner of the bottom.

Flip the strap to the side of the bag, pin, and stitch. Sew the strap on the machine; in order to sew, the bag must be turned inside out.

We can sew the end of the strap on the machine, sew a box and cross on the top edge of the strap (sew the bag turned inside out).