Cloth hen

Instructions for making an Easter bottle hen.

Trace the hen’s body around a glass bottle.

Cut out the pattern for the hen’s body 2x, first from paper, which we will sew on the machine and try ow it sits on the bottle; we also have a pattern for the wings, pockets for the eggs, and the comb.


Material and tools: yellow cotton fabric, red felt, 1cm thick foam, pattern, thread, pins, black marker for fabric, white paint marker, scissors.

According to pattern cut out of the yellow fabric 2x body, 4x wings, 1x pocket. Cut out the foam pieces in a bigger size.

First, fold the top of the pocket twice and sew.

Sew the bottom of the pocket 2x in parallel lines with a long stitch so it can be frilled. Place the yellow wings on the foam right sides together, sew, and leave an opening at the top. Cut the foam closely around the stitching of the wing, cut and turn right side out.

On the fabric front piece and the pocket, mark the stitching of the pockets with chalk and pins.

Cut out the comb from the red felt and sew the edges so it can be frilled and pinned to the head as shown in the picture, pin the wings and pocket on the body.

First stitch the pockets and the whole hen at the edges, and cut off excess foam.

Place the hen right sides together and sew together, make cuts in round edges, and turn right side out. Hand sew the wings to the body.

Fold in the bottom of the hen and sew. Cut out the diamond shaped beak from felt and sew the beak on the head in the center. Draw the eyes with the white marker, if they are hard to see repeat 2x, finish eyes with black marker.